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SS Innovations goes global, acquires Avra Medical Robotics

SS Innovations, an Indian Medtech Start-up Company, has gained access to the global market through acquisition of controlling interest in Avra Medical Robotics, a Nasdac listed company in the United States.  Dr Sudhir P Srivastava, Founder and Chairman and CEO of SS Innovation, said, “This acquisition will help us reach the global market. Our innovation will be used widely.

As we know that future medtech lies on the precision of surgery and this acquisition will help us to bring this ‘Make in India’ technology on the global platform. The union of Avra medical Robotics with SSI will revolutionise medical service all over the world hailing the spirit of Made in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

“We are very happy to have some distinguished personalities with us like Dr Moll, father of Robotics Surgery. The vision he had some 25 years back is being manifested in full-fledged expression. We are all proud to be a part of this project. An Indian MedTech start-up will be there on NASDAQ, which is definitely a proud moment for the entire nation.”

On commenting on the merger, Barry F Cohen, Founder and chairman and CEO of Avra Medical Robotics Inc, USA, said, “It is wonderful to be here in India. I have visited this country many times over the last fifty years. It is bringing together so much of my history, work and medicine. I am so happy for taking along my company Avra Medical Robotics into marriage with Dr Srivastava’s SSI Innovations. We have combined the gifts of East and the West to bring extremely accurate precision of surgery to the people of the world. It is a good fortune that we wish to share with the people.”

Stressing on the robotic surgery system, Dr Fedric Moll, Founder-Intuitive Surgical said, “Very excited to be to witness the progress and development of a new robotic system that I believe is a great step forward for the general distribution of healthcare in the field of medical surgery.”

“This system will provide the most advanced technology to the patients around the globe, East and West alike. This technology is an opportunity to bring a major impact on contributing towards better healthcare and common people,” Dr Moll added.

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