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Pravin Raj Radha (centre), who suffered fatal fall from bicycle in the US, interacting with the media

Bangaluru doctors perform complex neurorehabilitation to save the life of a 36-year-old accident victim

Doctors of Bangaluru-based Sakra World Hospital recently gave a new lease of life to 36-year-old Pravin Raj Radha, who had suffered severe injuries in brain, face and eye, which resulted in leaving him in a comatose state and losing all hopes of his survival after falling off from his bicycle in the United States in May 2022.

His condition was so critical that the doctors treating him said that his chances of survival were less than 1%.

Despite remaining on ventilator support in the ICU in the United States for 3-4 weeks, Pravin's health failed to improve.

However, rather than giving up and taking Pravin off the ventilator, his family flew him to India by chartered flight with an ICU team and equipment, where he was referred to Dr Maheshwarappa B M, Head and Senior Consultant for Neuro Rehabilitation at Sakra World Hospital.

After assessing his condition, a team of doctors, including Physiatrists, Neuro-Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Nutritionists, specialised Rehabilitation nurses, Clinical Orthotists and Neuropsychologists, treated Pravin for five months leading to his recovery.

Doctors said that they used advanced rehabilitation technology including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT), Robotic Assisted Gait and Arm Training, wearable sensor-based therapies, virtual reality clinical modules, augmented reality gamification, Pneumatic Neuro-gym and digital balance and coordination platforms for treating Pravin.

“Neurorehabilitation plays a significant role in the healing process of those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries,” Dr Maheshwarappa explained during a media interaction recently.

“The rehabilitation programme is designed based on the patient’s condition and needs to help them recover from the arduous effects of the injury,” he added.

Recalling that the patient was brought to them in the most challenging situation with almost all hopes of his recovery dying down, Dr Maheshwarappa added, “But for us, after assessing his condition, not all hopes were lost.”

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Thanking the doctors, Pushpa, Pravin’s wife said, “Pravin’s accident shocked us, but what was even worse was when doctors had started giving up hope of his revival to his old self."

Stating that it is no less than a miracle that Pravin is up on his feet, she added, "I am grateful to the doctors and team at Sakra World Hospital who assessed his condition rightfully and took up his case, carefully designed his rehabilitation program, involving us."

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