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Dr IPS Oberoi

Knee joint problems occurring in 30-35 years

Knee joint problems, which used to occur between 60 and 65 years of age are occurring at a young age, therefore, impacting the quality of life.

Doctors say that people between the age of 30-35 years are coming to hospitals with complaints of knee joint pains.   

While speaking to Drug Today Medical Times, Dr IPS Oberoi, Chairperson-Orthopedics Program and Chief of Robotic Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy Surgery, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, Haryana, said, “There are three major reasons behind incidences of knee joint problems in young age.”

“First is lifestyle. Our lifestyle is becoming sedentary and we are getting more obese and overweight. The consumption of junk food has increased due to which, many metabolic disorders are occurring in the body, which ultimately affects the joints,” Dr Oberio said.

“Lack of exercise is another reason, which weakens our muscles, and even minor injury remains neglected. Due to weak muscles, the injuries remain growing, which leads to arthritis,” Dr Oberio said.

“Third is familial arthritis. Arthritis running in families is one of the causes of knee joint problems in young age,” Dr Oberoi said.

“Children, who have a family history of arthritis, have to be more cautious towards their health. They have to manage their lifestyle in a better way in comparison to those who do not have familial arthritis,” he further said.

Children have to perform exercises. Weight management should be better and 25-30 minutes of walking is a must. Junk and oily food should be avoided. This will manage their metabolic system and the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, thyroid and uric acid will remain low. If you follow this advice, the risk of knee joint problems will remain low even if you have a family history of arthritis,” he further pointed out.

“If you keep sitting the entire day (ghutne mod ke), it reduces the flexibility and joints start getting jammed,” Dr Oberio asserted.

While speaking about the impact of COVID on knees, Dr Oberio pointed out that steroid consumption for managing COVID has degenerated knees.

“The online work and lack of physical activity have resulted in poor knee health. After COVID, the cases of arthritis have spiked. Many patients are coming to us with problems after COVID,” he added.

“For healthy knees, you have to take dairy products such as milk, curd and cheese as they strengthen bones. Second, you have to avoid junk food as it leads to the development of uric acid. All the fried food, which consists of heavy junk, can lead to metabolic disorders and a rise in the level of uric acid. Taking fruits, which are high in antioxidants, can result in good healthy knees for a long time,” Dr Oberio explained.

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