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Bollywood actress Bhagyashree giving away awards to doctors

COVID pandemic has made all of us realise how important health is: Bhagyashree

Bollywood actress Bhagyashree said that the COVID pandemic has made people realise how important health is while honouring doctors across India for their contribution during the COVID19 pandemic during the Worldwide Achievers Healthcare Leaders Summit and Awards 2023.

Lauding doctors’ contribution to society, the Kachchi Dhoop and Mene Pyar Kiya star showered praise on the healthcare workers said “By honouring the doctors and health professionals, we try to encourage them to keep doing the good work with even more fervour and zeal.”

The actress pointed out that the COVID19 pandemic has made people realise the importance of health.

Speaking to the media, the actress shared her views and experience on fitness, health and the prevalence of different diseases.

“Doctors in keeping the health of their patients in the forefront at times are unable to take care of themselves; I pray to god that the doctors are preserved so that they can keep us well,” she added.

“Many diseases that we suffer today are because of our sedentary lifestyles. If we listen to the signals our body gives, many diseases can be cured,” Bhagyashree said.

“What I understand is that health and fitness are two different things. Health is something when all body organs are functioning properly, while fitness is when a person can do any task given to them in the best possible way. Many people fail to understand that health and fitness are two different things altogether,” she added.
On the prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), Bhagyashree said that one of the main reasons behind PCODs is the desire to look slim.

“Our body needs all types of food to keep ourselves healthy. When we concentrate on reducing the fat content in our food, we fail to understand that proteins cannot get digested by themselves and that our body needs minerals, vitamins etc., to remain healthy. So we need to take nutritional and balanced meals to keep our body healthy,”  she emphasised.

“Girls look at us as role models and try to emulate us without realising that we actresses have to look as we do for our job, and for that, we have to keep following a particular diet regimen. However, if women tend to look like us for a long time, they harm their bodies. I do not think it is right, our bodies are meant to nourish. Our body can heal itself if we give it proper nourishment, rest and physically active it is a combination of everything,” she added.
“If you want to get high in life you don’t need drugs! You can get high through understanding and enjoying the smallest and simplest of things. Achieving your goals is high. Any kind of addiction is only going to take you downhill,” Bhagyashree explained.

“It is essential that we all do some physical activities. By physical activity, I do not mean that people do intense exercise, but perhaps they can take small steps by travelling in public transports, play with children,” she said.

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