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Lupin launches digital therapeutic solution for holistic heart care in 10 cities

Lupin Digital Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of  Lupin Limited, has recently announced the launching of digital therapeutics solution, India’s only evidence-based holistic heart care programme, LYFE, to significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack.

The company informed in a media statement the system designed by leading Indian cardiologists will help patients to improve their heart health through doctor-connected online and offline modules.

The system contains FDA and CE-approved wearable devices that record vital parameters and notify caregivers and doctors about off-range vitals and emergencies, the statement added.

Additionally, the system offers expert intervention by dedicated care managers, health coaches and nutritionists.

Commenting on the launch, Rajeev Sibal, President of India region formulations at Lupin said, “Patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases experience a high levels of uncertainty and require significant care and monitoring in their treatment regimen.”

“Through our digital therapeutics platform LYFE, we are leveraging the power of human intelligence and AI/ML to improve patient outcomes by enhancing doctor-patient collaboration, constantly monitoring health vitals, amplifying patient awareness and improving therapy adherence,” he added.

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Pointing out that accurate and regular monitoring is the cornerstone to devising and strategising treatment routes, CEO of  Lupin Digital Health Sidharth Srinivasan  said, “Through connected devices, LYFE enables seamless monitoring of patient vitals and intervenes to assist and guide patients during emergencies.”

“Coupled with a host of features and designed with inputs from leading cardiologists, LYFE improves the quality of life of our patients and reduces the stress and anxiety of their caregivers,” he added.

Lupin said that the service of the digital therapeutic platform is currently available in ten cities, where patients can reach out to their consulting cardiologists to avail of its services.

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