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DGHS warns action against writing branded medicines

Doctors prescribing branded to patients in the central-government run hospitals may face action.

This has come in wake of instances of prescription of branded drugs by doctors instead of generic medicines to patients in the hospitals run by central governments.

In a letter to medical superintendents of RML, Safdarjung hospitals and Lady Hardinge Medical College,  Dr Atul Goel, Director General Health Services, has stated that despite giving instructions to prescribe generic medicines  doctors still continue to prescribe branded medicines.

“This has been viewed strictly by competent authority. This may be noted by all the heads of the institutes and they may ensure strict compliance by doctors working under them,” Dr Goel added.

“If anyone continues to be non-compliant, he or she shall be liable for further action,” Dr Goel warned.

He also stated that visits by medical representatives to hospital premises are curtailed.

“Any information about the new launch may be communicated by way of email only,” he directed to the medical superintendents of the hospitals.


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