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GenWorks launches breath analyser

GenWorks, a leading healthcare solutions provider, has launched FenomPro which is a breath analyser user for testing the FeNO levels of patients to help more and more patients know if they are suffering from Asthma.

The analyser ensures efficient testing of FeNO, a non-invasive measurement of fractional nitric oxide (NO) concentra- tion in exhaled breath as it is a simple tool for diagnosis, screening and monitoring of Asthma.

The analyser is used for simple clinical applications and it comes with a rechargeable battery for easy portability. It has a user-friendly interface and gives the test results in just 28 seconds.

The FeNO test is accurate in determining if individuals require treatment and inhaler prescriptions. 

Speaking about the importance of FeNO, Dr SK Chabra, HOD, Pulmonology, Primus Hospital said, “FeNO is excellent for differentiating if a person has normal airways or inflamed airways. The cut-off between a normal person and an asthmatic is 25-50. Above 50 is surely asthmatic and less than 25 may be a normal person or an asthmatic patient who has been adequately treated. FeNO also helps in deciding if the person will respond to some medicines and comply with a treatment which helps figure out the correct action plan.”

“In case the patient is not responding to treatment, then the drugs may be inadequate. In my opinion, FeNO testing is an excellent method for screening and monitoring Asthma. Based on the seriousness of the patients, correct measures can be taken in terms of prescribing medications and probable treatment to the patients,” he added.

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