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Apollo team of doctors at the event in Delhi

Around 2,00,000 Indian dying of of liver related diseases

Liver disease remains a significant concern within the country, resulting in the annual loss of approximately 200,000 lives, Dr. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group said. 

Speaking at the Apollo Hospitals 25th anniversary celebration of India's first liver transplant program, Dr. Reddy continued, "Demand for this procedure can reach up to 20,000 individuals at any given time, despite the fact that there are only about 1,800 liver transplants performed annually." 

Even though India has come a long way since these operations began, there is still a sizable gap that needs to be filled. Our commitment at Apollo is to make sure that no one dies from a lack of access to transplantation. Our goal is to create elite transplant centers run by renowned physicians. We're dedicated to sharing our knowledge with anyone in the world in need of a liver transplant," she continued.

Renowned actress Ms. Dimple Kapadia, who attended the event, remarked, "My character Tara Jaiswal in Dil Chahta Hai passed away due to a silent killer. Hepatic Cirrhosis. We frequently undervalue the significance of our liver, this unsung hero of our bodies, as we go about our daily lives. The liver is an amazing organ that works nonstop to produce vital proteins, store energy, and cleanse your blood. 

It is the unseen protector that keeps us healthy and shields us from dangerous toxins. However, it can sustain damage just like any other organ, and when it does, the results can be disastrous. Tara passed away from liver failure brought on by liver cirrhosis. Liver transplantation was not very common in India at the time. Currently, liver transplantation is a life-saving treatment that saves lives on a daily basis. Sanjay, the first child in India to receive a liver transplant, Prisha, the 500th child to receive a transplant at Apollo, and hundreds of other children and adults from 50 different countries around the world have all found new leases on life thanks to liver transplantation.

I would like to congratulate the Apollo Team and wish them the very best in their commitment to save lives,” Ms Kapadia.

 "Apollo's liver transplant program has an exceptional success rate of 90%, a testament to our unwavering dedication to unparalleled patient care and clinical outcomes," stated Dr. Neerav Goyal, senior consultant for liver transplants. 

“This accomplishment not only demonstrates our dedication to quality work but also offers hope to those who are struggling with liver failure. In order to assist an even greater portion of the populace in the future, we plan to further develop our program. Our program's success is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and developments in the field of liver transplantation, and it further establishes our standing as a preeminent establishment providing fresh opportunities for improved health,” he added. 

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