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Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited is a prominent pharmaceutical formulation company renowned for its state-of-the-art production facilities and extensive product portfolio encompassing acute and therapeutic products in oral dosage forms and injections. As the flagship entity of the Chandrans Group, Finecure Pharmaceuticals is driven by a fusion of core values, including committed entrepreneurship and strong work ethics. Our success is further propelled by a dedicated team of intellectual human capital. Our manufacturing plants are certified by WHO-GMP and international GMPs, attesting to our commitment to quality and compliance.

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Company Brands
CEFOSAL Azom Cefel Cefine Cefine plus Cefine CV Cefosal Cefpo Cefpo CV Finemox Finemox CV Finetriax Finetriax S Finetriax T 1.125 Gramtuf LF LF ON Oflex Oflex ON PT 4.5 Roxcure Safedinir Sayfur Sayfur CV Racenil Esomcure Esomcure D Esomcure L Gastrocid Lansoz Omcure D Omcure Omcure SR Pepcare Pepcare D Pepcare SR Pepcare L Rabifine Rabifine L Rabifine-D Rabifine SR Rabifine Plus Sukal Sukal O Appet Dompon Omit Prerest Kofkul Kofkul Plus Koforil LS (SUGAR FREE) Foetop Folfine Mynerve Mynerve OD Mynerve Plus Mynerve V Mynerve DHA Immune Up Mynerve N/PM Haemglow Haemglow-Z Irocafe Mynerve N/PM Mynerve N/PM Irocafe M Irocafe M Irocafe XT Nafer Cacitate M Cacitate Plus Cacitate Plus Susp Cad 500 Cad Alpha Calocal Calocal D3 Acifine GI Acifine MR Acifine SP Acifine P Acifine Spas Acifine Dico Dico P Dizox DTN-52 Fitspas Nimkul para Nimkul Sept Sept D Dompon P Cez Cezcold Cezlevo Cezlevo A Fexoquit Lorid Montey Montey AB Montey B-10 Montey BL Montey L Syrup Montey F Flary Forte Fungard Itrax Siliv Wormorid Wormorid Plus Clomfert Bloc Bloc - T Citrakul Zaim Fungard Plus Corticlob Fudifine-B Momesun Dico Paarmeth Paarmeth Ringloc Atvastin Blocdin Bpgard Bpgard-CT Bpgard-AMH Bpgard-H12.5 Bpgard-AM5 Bpgard-M Carosu Carosu-A Carosu-Gold Finegrel Finegrel-A Finepress Metoselect-XL Vascuneb Vascuneb-H12.5 Vascuneb-AM5 Adjuten Adjuten-M Adjudap Fineboz Fineboz-M Glipvil Glipvil M Glipcose Glipcose M Profine Irocal PN Menuvit Menuvit AM Fineglim M1/M2 Fineglim MV1/MV2 Menuvit Gold Acifine TH FINEGLIM FINEGLIM

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