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Candidemia, Esophageal candidiasis, Other Candida infections (intra-abdominal abscess, peritonitis).


Give by IV infusion; max rate 1.1mg/minute. Candidiasis, intra-abdominal abscess, peritonitis: 200mg on day 1, then 100mg/day for at least 14 days after last positive culture. Esophageal candidiasis: 100mg on day 1, then 50mg/day for at least 14 days and at least 7 days after symptom resolution.


Known hypersensitivity.

Special Precautions

Paediatric: safety and efficacy below 16 years not yet established. Pregnancy: Data not sufficient. Lactation: Data not sufficient. Elderly: Use with caution, hepatic, renal dose adjustment not needed.

Side Effects

Hypokalemia, GI upset, pyrexia, insomnia, anemia, headache, dyspepsia; hepatic effects, infusion reactions, anaphylactic reactions.

Drug Interactions

cyclosporine, voriconazole, tacrolimus, rifampicin, amphotericin B.

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