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Aspartic Acid

Aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid is a type of amino acid also known as amino succinic acid or aspartate. It has two forms: L-aspartic acid and D-aspartic acid. D- aspartic acid helps to raise testosterone levels. L form of aspartic acid improves the immune system, helps in detoxification, and boosts memory and functions. It is widely used in health supplements, protein-containing products, and multivitamin formulations. Almonds, oat flakes, sugar cane, avocado, asparagus, peanuts, milk, egg, fish, and chicken are some natural sources of aspartic acid.


Muscle weakness, gluconeogenesis, depression, severe fatigue, infertility, improved mineral absorption, support the immune system.


The average dose for aspartic acid is 2-3 grams per day.


Renal disorders.

Special Precautions

It is not recommended to take aspartic acid-containing supplements in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side Effects

Abdominal discomfort, weight gain, headache, mood swings, vomiting, nervousness, palpitation, difficulty in breathing.

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