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It is a benzamide prokinetic agent, with maeke procholinergic action that helps to improve gastric motility.


Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, non-ulcer dyspepsia, hiatus hernia and reduced g.i. motility


1mg thrice a day, 15minute before taking meals.


Known hypersensitivity to Cinitapride or Benzamide derivatives.

Special Precautions

To be used with caution in case of driving or machinery use. Increased sedation with alcohol use has been reported.Safety in pregnancy is not yet established. To be used in pregnant women only after outweighing the potential risk to fetus. Avoid during lactation.

Side Effects

Drowisness, Diarrhea, Itching, Eruptions, Angioedema and Gynaecomastia.

Drug Interactions

Anti-cholinergic agents like atropine and scopolamine. Drugs acting on C.N.S. and for insomnia. Due to increased gastric motility absorption of drugs like Digoxin might be altered.

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