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It is a soap-free and lipid-free emollient lotion. Its emulsifying complex purifies the skin. Its mild texture and its original non-comedogenic formulation makes it extremely well tolerated by sensitive skin. Every skin type needs cleansing each day to remove debris which accumulate all day long (desquamation of the stratum corneum, sebum, sweat, dirt and bacteria). This process serve to condition skin balance. Sensitive skin requires particularly gentle cleansing. Actually, dry skin is fragile and needs non-irritation cleansing. The condition of oily skin deteriorates when subjected to repetitive treatment for removal of excess oil. Cleansing must not compromise the intregrity of skin structure. Sufferers from skin disorders (acne, atopic dermatitis etc.) are subjected to aggressive medicinal treatment and their skin requires very gentle care. Sometimes, sensitive skin can not tolerate contact even with plain water.


Oily skin, skin damaged by adverse weather conditions, Babies' and infants' skin, Sensitive skin intolerant to traditional hygiene products, acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis.


Apply it in the morning and in the evening and gently work in with the fingers. To remove it, gently dab with cotton wool, tissue or damp cloth if the skin does not tolerate water. Otherwise it may be rinsed off with clear water.

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