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It is an ultra-broad spectrum injectable antibiotic. It is a beta-lactam and belongs to the subgroup of carbapenems.


doripenem for injection is indicated as a single agent in adults (?18 years of age) for the treatment of Complicated intra-abdominal infections caused by susceptible strains of E coli, K pneumoniae, P aeruginosa, B caccae, B fragilis, B thetaiotaomicron, B uniformis, B vulgatus, S intermedius, S constellatus, or P micros Complicated urinary tract infections, including pyelonephritis caused by susceptible strains of E coli, including cases with concurrent bacteremia, K pneumoniae, P mirabilis,


IV; 500mg 8 hourly Duration may range from 5-14 days


Hypersensitivity to beta lactams

Special Precautions

Paediatric: Safety not yet established Pregnancy: Category B Lactation: Not known if excreted in milk Elderly: Renal clearance decreases with age, so use with caution

Side Effects

headache, nausea, diarrhea, rash, and phlebitis

Drug Interactions

Valproic acid, probenecid

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