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it is an antidopaminergic drug used as an antiemetic .


Post-op nausea and vomiting.


dose should beindividualised, IV/IM Max initial dose: 2.5 mg; additional doses of 1.25 mg may be given if needed.


QT prolongation, hypersensitivity

Special Precautions

prolonged QT syndrome, clinically significant bradycardia (less than 50 bpm), any clinically significant cardiac disease, treatment with Class I and Class III antiarrhythmics, treatment with monoamine oxi-dase inhibitors (MAOI's), concomitant treatment with other drug products known to prolong the QT interval, electrolyte imbalance, in particular hypokalemia and hypo-magnesemia, or concomitant treatment with drugs (e.g., diuretics) that may cause electroHepatic or renal impairment. Paediat

Side Effects

Dry mouth, constipation, micturition difficulty, blurred vision, mydriasis, delirium, agitation, catatonic-like states, insomnia, nightmares, depression, miosis, convulsions, nasal congestion. CV effects; hypersensitivity reactions, haematological disorders, extrapyramidal dysfunction. Amenorrhoea, galactorrhoea, gynaecomastia, weight gain and hyperglycaemia, and altered glucose tolerance. Pain and irritation at the Inj site. Post-op drowsiness.

Drug Interactions

Avoid concurrent use with drugs that may prolong QT interval e.g. certain antihistamines, antimalarials, calcium-channel blockers and antidepressants. May potentiate the action of other CNS depressants e.g. barbiturates, alcohol. Caution when using with drugs that may induce hypokalaemia or hypomagnesemia.

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