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It is one of the low molecular weight fragments of heparin and acts in a way similar to heparin itself. Enoxaparin inhibits thrombin and increases clotting time to a lesser extent than heparin while the anti Xa activity of the two is about the same. Unlike heparin, enoxaparin at the recommended doses does not significantly interfere with platelet aggregation. Global blood clotting tests are not affected. Enoxaparin is rapidly and almost completely absorbed after subcutaneous injection


Prevention of deep vein thrombosis and risk reduction for pulmonary embolism, thrombus formation during haemodialysis.


20-40 mg once daily subcutaneously.


Hypersensitivity, acute septic endocarditis, hemorrhagic stroke, peptic ulcer, history of thrombocytopenia.

Special Precautions

Hepatic insufficiency, peptic ulcer, arterial hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, spinal anaesthesia and epidural block, pregnancy and lactation.DO NOT ADMINISTER I.M.

Side Effects

Haemorrhage, thrombocytopenia, local reactions

Drug Interactions

Oral anticoagulants, platelet aggregation inhibitors, NSAIDs, aspirin or dextran

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