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MENOTROPHIN (onadotrophins)

MENOTROPHIN (onadotrophins)

The anterior pituitary secretes two gonadotrophins FSH & LH. Both act in concert to promote gametogenesis and secretion of gonadal hormones. FSH in the females induces follicular growth, development of ovum & secretion of estrogens. In the male it supports spermatogenesis and has a trophic influence on seminiferous tubules. Ovarian and testicular atrophy occurs in the absence of FSH. LH induces preovulatory swelling of the ripe graffian follicle and ovulation in female.It then brings about lutenization of the ruptured follicle and maintains corpous luteum till the menstrual cycle. Progesterone secretion occurs only under the influence of LH. In mle LH stimulates testosterone secretion. Inadequate gonadotrophin secretion results in ameno-rrhoea & sterility in women; oligozoo-spermia, impotence and infertility in men. Menotrophin is a preparation obtained from urine of menopausal women.


Amenorrhoea and infertility. Hypogo-nadotrophic hypogonadism in males & females. Follicle stimulation in I.V.H. Cryptorchism.


It varies from patient to patient & in the same patient at different times. This can be detected by carrying out hormonal assays. Schedule I :- 3 equal doses given on alternate days. Schedule II :- Give daily till response is achieved.



Special Precautions

Skin tests advised to avoid allergic reactions.Hormone dependent malignancies (prostate, breast) must be excluded. Precocious puberty is a risk in children.

Side Effects

Multiple pregnancy, sensitivity reactions, polycystic ovary, pain in lower abdomen, ovarian bleeding.

Drug Interactions

None reported

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