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It is a powerful vasodilator, the pattern of action resembling hydralazine. Chronic therapy with minoxidil causes excess hair growth on face and arms (due to enhanced cutaneous blood flow). It has been tried topically in alopecia with good results in some cases.


Alopecia androgenetia (male pattern baldness) Alopecia areata.


Apply 1 ml. b.i.d. to the bald area of the scalp starting from centre of affected area at 12 hour intervals. Keep hair & scalp thoroughly dry prior to application. 4 months application may be reqd. before hair regrowth starts. Continuous application reqd. to maintain hair regrowth.


Pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity. Safety in patients below 18 yrs. and above 65 yrs. has not been established.

Special Precautions

Hypotension, avoid eyes & other mucous membranes, broken skin. Apply only on scalp.

Side Effects

Headache, dizziness, dermatitis, oedema, chest pain, BP and pulse changes, breathlesness.

Drug Interactions

Potentiate hypotensive effect with neuroleptics. Topical steroid, retinoids, Synergistic effect with ACE inhibitors Additive effect with clonidine and Methyldopa.

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