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(Nicotinic acid & Nicotinamide) Nicotinic acid is readily converted to its amide which is a component of the coenzyme nicotinamide - adenine-dinucleotide (NAD) and its phosphate (NADP) involved in oxidation- reduction reactions. These pyridine nucleotides act as hydrogen acceptors in the electron transport chain in tissue respiration, glycolysis and fat synthesis. Nicotinic acid in large doses is a vasodilator, particularly of skin vessels and lower plasma lipid. Deficiency symptoms: Pellagra, cardinal manifestations of which are: Dermatitis-sun burn like skin rash on hands, legs and face which later turn black, crack and peal. Diarrhoea. Dermentia-with hallucinations preceded by headache, insomnia poor memory, motor and sensory disturbances.


Treatment of Pellagra. Hartnup’s disease peripheral vascular disease and as hypolipo proteinemic.


Pregnancy and in children.

Special Precautions

Postural hypotension may occur in patients on antihypertensives. Peptic ulcer.

Side Effects

Flushing, heat, itching, dispepsia, vomiting & diarrhoea.

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