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Noradrenaline Bitartrate

Noradrenaline Bitartrate


Restoration of blood pressure in certain hypotensive states (e.g. sympathectomy, spinal anaesthesia, MI, septicaemia, blood transfusion, drug reactions). As an adjunct in the treatment of cardiac arrest and profound hypotension.


I.V.infusion: Add 4ml of the solution to 1000ml of 5% dextrose solution (4mcg base/ml). Observe response to an initial dose of 2-3ml/min., adjust rate to maintain a low normal blood pressur (80-100mm Hg systorlic). Average maintenance dose : 0.5-1ml (2-4 mcg of base) per minute. Cardiac arrest : Rapid I.V. or intracardiac injection, 0.5-0.75ml of a solution containing base 100mcg/ml. Dose for resucscitation of neonates, infants and children: Titrated infusion 1mg/500ml in infants and 2mg/500ml



Special Precautions

Avoid hypertension. Not a substitute for replacement of blood, plasma and fluids. Infusion into a large vein. Extravasation may cause necrosis of overlying skin.

Side Effects

Bradycardia, peripheral ischaemia, hypertension, headache, arrhythmias.

Drug Interactions

Bretylium, guanethidine, halogenated hydrocarbon anaesthetic, oxytocic drugs.

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