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Silicone oil has been used extensively in Europe and investigationally in the United States for the long-term reattachment of complicated retinal detachments. The silicone oil may be used as permanent vitreous replacement or temporarily with an idea of avoiding the long-term complications. Silicone oil can greatly improve success rates in eyes that have failed standard treatment for retinal detachment and advanced proliferative vitreoretinopathy.


It is indicated in complex retinal detachments, severe diabetic tractional retinal detachments, giants tears and traumatic retinal detachments as a short-term tamponade in the repair of eyes with large, multiple, or posterior breaks, retinal detachments.


As deemed fit by Physician.

Side Effects

Silicone oil can cause cataract and corneal decompensation, glaucoma, pupillary block, keratopathy, iritis and endophthalmitis.

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