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Sodium Cromoglycate

Sodium Cromoglycate

In the immediate allergic reaction (Type 1) the antigen with reaginic antibody leads to the formation and release of the mediators of the local anaphylactic reaction. Sodium cromoglycate appears to block a step in the chain of events triggered by this union. The action appears to be specific for reaginic (immediate type 1) antigen-antibody reactions. It has no anti-histaminic or anti-inflammatory activity.


Allergic conjunctivitis, such as hayfever, vernal keratitis. Allergic keratoconjunctivitis. Vernal keratoconjunctivitis.


1-2 drops in each eye 4-6 times a day.


Hypersensitivity. Not to wear soft contact lenses. If irritation persists or increases discontinue the use and consult physician.

Special Precautions

Pregnancy, discardany remaining contents after 4 wks.

Side Effects

Mild stinging or irritation, if persists discontinue.

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