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It is an effective drug for tinea cruris and tinea corporis-most cases respond in 1-3 weeks. Because of poor penetrability, it is less effective in tinea pedis and other hyperkeratinized lesions. Symptomatic rlief occurs early, but if applications are discontinued before the fungus bearing tissue is shed-relapses are common. Salicylic acid can aid tolnaftate by keratolytic action. It is ineffective in T. Capitis involving scalp and T. unguim-involving nails.


-Tolnaftate is indicated for the treatment of superficial fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes, yeasts, and other fungi. These infections commonly occur on the feet, groin area, and other moist, warm areas of the body. -Ringworm infections, athlete’s foot.


Tolnaftate is typically applied topically to the affected area in the form of a cream, powder, spray, or solution. The frequency and duration of treatment may vary depending on the severity and location of the infection. It is important to follow the instructions provided by the healthcare provider or medication label.


Tolnaftate is contraindicated in individuals with a known hypersensitivity to tolnaftate or any of the ingredients in the formulation. It should not be used on mucous membranes or for the treatment of systemic fungal infections. Additionally, it is not recommended for use in children under two years of age without medical supervision.

Special Precautions

Avoid contact with eyes & mucus membranes. Mixed infections. Discontinue if irritation occurs on application.

Side Effects

Common side effects of tolnaftate may include mild skin irritation, itching, redness, or burning at the application site. These side effects are usually temporary and resolve with continued use or upon discontinuation of treatment. Severe allergic reactions are rare but may require immediate medical attention.

Drug Interactions

Tolnaftate is unlikely to interact significantly with other medications when used topically. However, it is essential to inform the healthcare provider about all medications, supplements, and herbal products being used to ensure safety and efficacy.

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