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Troxipide is a novel gastric Cytoprotective agent, with antiulcer, anti-inflammatory and mucus secreting properties. Although it has no effect on gastric acid secretion, Troxipide enhances mucosal defense and mucosal repair. It is known to heal acid peptic disorders by fortifying the gastric mucosal constitution, stimulating Cytoprotective prostaglandins, suppressing the gastric inflammation and enhancing gastric metabolism and microcirculation 1. Ability to fortify the gastric mucosa by increasing its glucosamine,mucopolysaccharide and collagen content. 2. Ability to prevent mucosal inflammation induced by interleukin stimulatedneutrophil migration and oxidative stress. 3)Ability to increase gastric mucosal metabolism, microcirculation, and cellproliferation, restitution and repair.


Gastric ulcers , Amelioration of gastric mucosal lesions (erosion, hemorrhage, redness and edema) in the following diseases: acute gastritis, acute exacerbation stage of chronic gastritis.


Oral; 100 mg thrice a day after meal



Special Precautions

Paediatric: Safety not yet established Pregnancy: Use if therapeutic effect outweighs side effect Lactation: Discontinue breast feeding during treatment Elderly: administer carefully as chance of hepatodysfunction is there

Side Effects

Constipation, Elevated hepatic enzymes, shock, anaphylaxis

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