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Dr Jitendra Singh

Exclusive Yoga protocol being implemented for elderly: Dr Jitendra Singh

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Exclusive Yoga protocol for elderly people is being implemented by the Department of Science and Technology, Minister of State for Science and Technology (Independent Charge), Dr. Jitendra Singh informed.

Dr Singh, who is also a physician, emphasised the benefits of Yoga and said that it helps in building immunity which helps to fight COVID.

Informing about the protocol, Dr Singh said that it aims in building immunity of elderly citizens, who are particularly vulnerable in the backdrop of the pandemic.

Dr Jitendra pointed out that on the one hand, India is witnessing a progressive increase in lifespan with the correspondingly increasing population of elderly citizens, and on the other hand, elder citizens continue to remain energetic and productive till late years of their lives.

“Therefore, in order to ensure their physical and mental well-being so that they can play a constructive role in nation-building, Yoga is a natural, non-medicinal, and non-pharmaceutical therapy for fitness,” Dr Singh added.

“The matter of fact is that even in the absence of COVID, we are commonly confronted with lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. Yoga is one of the most effective lifestyle modification options for prevention and control of such disorders, particularly in the elderly age group,” Dr Singh explained.

Dr Singh added that COVID has also reiterated the belief that healthy integration and synergism of different streams of medical management are the keys to successful management of various diseases and disorders which may not be otherwise completely amenable to treatment by any single stream of medicine.

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