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Neither excessive nor inadequate nutrition is good for health: Dr. Gyanendra Aggarwal

An increasing number of young people today are suffering from stress due to a hectic work schedule resulting in a mismanaged lifestyle.

It is not just the youngsters but people who have busy working schedules tend to pay less attention towards their health. The current lifestyle of the working population is a wake-up call for major health-related issues.

A hectic lifestyle that causes stress plays a major role in resulting in all the diseases whether it is diabetes, unhappiness, or brain stroke. It is learned that people report various non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, thyroid, and diabetes even at a young age.

The current scenario of the pandemic has added fuel to the fire as people have been forced to work from home due to the lockdown. Not just the work from home but the online classes made the young children get stuck with screens in one place resulting in the drastic downfall in the physical activities—poses a big challenge in maintaining good health at home.

While discussing how to live disease-free life despite being at home, Drug Today Medical Times spoke to Dr. Gyanendra Agarwal, Associate Director, Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Jaypee Hospital, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Agarwal pointed out that lack of physical activities can trigger metabolic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, and osteoarthritis. Their aftereffects can lead to other health issues such as sleep apnea. He also stressed that it is essential to maintain a balance between nutrition and physical activities to maintain good fitness.

While talking about the consumption of diets, he emphasized that the intake of both excessive and insufficient nutrition is unhealthy.

“In fact, nutrition should have adequate protein and calories. Indian diets, particularly vegetarian ones, have less protein. Hence, we should increase protein consumption. Intake of different pulses, beans, sprouts, cheese, soybean, milk is advisable. Calories which consist of oily food items should be reduced as they result in obesity,” Dr. Agarwal said.

“The concept of three meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the best concept. Breakfast should be heavy. Lunch should be moderate while dinner should be light. It should be ensured that dinner intake should not be late. There should be a gap of at least three hours, as it is considered an ideal gap,” Dr. Agarwal added.

Informing about maintaining good health at home he said, “We can also maintain good fitness and health even at home too. We can do indoor exercises and can involve ourselves in household work.”

Reminding about the benefits of Yoga, Dr. Agarwal added, “Yoga can be beneficial. It is scientifically proven that different Yoga exercises are very useful for the body. They are useful for mental and physical health. I would highly recommend that Yoga should be practiced Thirty minutes to one hour for moderate exercise is considered very good for health. Two servings of seasonal fruits are recommended.”

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