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Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Vector-borne diseases: Learn home remedies through expert

Misbah Ali

Rainy season often brings a variety of infections and symptoms of flu with it that can pose a real challenge to tackle.

Diseases like dengue and malaria top the list because it is quite difficult to recover from such diseases.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, experts and doctors across the country have warned that rising cases of vector-borne diseases will turn out to be the most difficult diseases to treat; as a result, there will be increased pressure on the healthcare system.

This raises the question of what a common man can do without doctors or healthcare facilities to recover from such diseases that pose a great threat to human life.

To help you through the recovery process Drug Today Medical Times brings you the most accessible and inexpensive tips and pieces of advice from the expert that will help you through the recovery period.

The celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar explained a list of things that are easy to make/ do, and help accelerate the recovery process from dengue and malaria.

The list provided by the nutritionist covers various areas, from food recommendations to exercise suggestions the list goes on.

Food recommendations are at the top of the list, sharing the same on social media Rujuta wrote, “(Have) 1 teaspoon of gulkand either first thing in the morning or as an in-between (amid) meals. (It) prevents acidity, nausea, and weakness.”

To drink, Rujuta asked users, “Add a pinch of haldi, with 2-3 strands of kesar and a tiny bit of jaiphal (nutmeg) (in milk or water). Boil it till it’s half the quantity. Have it cold or hot and add jaggery to taste.” This reduces inflammation, according to the nutritionist.

She also advised people to have “rice kanji or pej - essentially a soup made of rice,” adding to this she said, “Add kalanamak or sendha namak, a pinch of hing and ghee.” She informed that this will help prevent dehydration, loss of electrolytes as well as work towards improving appetite.

Pointing at the importance of hydration, she has said that it is important to sip on water “through the day to restore urine volume and check that colour is clear.”

Talking about the exercises, Rujuta said, “Stay in the Supta badhakonasana, the Iyengar style with a bolster to support the back and a blanket under your head if needed to support the neck. Helps relieve backache and body pains, (this) reduces fatigue.”

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