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Delhi docs save 8-year-old girl who had suffered cranial fracture after fall

The timely surgical intervention by a team from Delhi saved the life of an 8-year-old girl who had suffered a cranial fracture after falling from the stairs while playing at her home.

The girl was brought into the emergency room at Delhi’s Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh in a serious condition. Girl was unconscious but after regaining consciousness she had bouts of vomiting, developed blackening of her eye and had visible swelling on her head.

The child’s vitals and breathing was also abnormal. The Emergency and Trauma team at the hospital quickly assessed her situation and began treatment to ensure that the child gets treatment within the golden hour.

The doctors sent her for a CT scan which showed that she had multiple fractures in the base of her skull along with a large collection of clots.

The ER team led by Dr. Kishalay Datta Director, Emergency & Trauma immediately moved the child to the resuscitation area where they understood the gravity of the accident.

After a well thought discussion with the parents the child was shifted to the operating room for a neurosurgical intervention with mechanical ventilator support.

Dr Datta said “The child was in immense pain and had a black eye and constant vomiting these signs pointed towards a cranial damage. We could see a swelling on her head and immediately sent her for a CT scan to check for any internal injuries.”

“The reports stated that she had several fractures on the base of her skull which required urgent care. The surgery was intensive but was a success. During her routine checkup all her vitals were normal and she had recovered well,” Dr Datta further explained.

The child had a speedy recovery in PICU, the ER team visited her often to check up on her and to make sure that her vitals are normal and she recovers without any trouble.

The parents of the child underwent psychological consultation to overcome the traumatic incident. A month later, the child visited the hospital for neurosurgery wellbeing status assessment and she had recuperated well.

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