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Delhi AIIMS director Prof M Srinivas and Prof Yash Gupta

Book tracing scientific references in ancient Sanskrit scriptures launched at AIIMS

The book titled, 'Science and Scriptures' authored by Former AIIMS Prof Yash Gupta, was launched by Delhi-AIIMS Director Prof M Srinivas in presence of Prof KK Deepak, Prof Subrata Sinha, Prof KP Kochar, and Prof Rama Choudhary. The book describes methods of treatments and surgery which used to be performed by Rishi Sushruta.

The book has been authored by Dr Yash Gupta, Surgeon from London. The book is written after researching for ten years.

“I have taken quotes from Geeta, Bhagwat Puran, Brahma Samvida, Vedas and other Puranas in this book. I urge people to study this book. It is a matter of pride for our Indian culture,” Dr Gupta said while explaining the contents during the launch.

While explaining how he has dug out the reference of medical sciences in the ancient Sanskrit scriptures, Dr Gupta said, “I have mentioned various quotes from Sushruta Samhita.”

“Around 2500 years ago, we had eminent surgeons like Sushruta who wrote a huge collection (Samhita), in which he described instruments and surgical procedures and even today, we are applying those techniques he had described," Dr Gupta explained.

“He was the greatest surgeon, and it was a matter of thinking about how he used to perform rhinoplasty. He has done thousands of other complex operations,” Dr Gupta said.

"From this book, young doctors should learn about the qualities of doctors described by Rishi Sushruta, as well as how to keep surgical instruments, maintain hygiene, and develop and improve their skills while caring for their patients," Dr Gupta said.

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