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1 in 9 Indians likely to develop cancer: Data

Data from the National Cancer Registry Programme Report has revealed that one in nine people are likely to develop cancer in his/her lifetime in India. India to witness a 12.8% spike in incidence of cancer cases by 2025.

The report states that while lung cancer has been a leading site among men and breast cancers was the leading site of cancer among women.

Data suggests that deaths due to cancer are on a constant increase. In India deaths due to cancer were 7.51 lakh in 2020, 7.89 lakh in 2021 and 8.08 lakh in 2022.

According to experts both reluctance to undergo screening and shortage of radiologists have been contributing factors for delay in cancer detection leaving people in deep agony and several deaths due to cancer.

Experts urge for measures to increase cancer screening amid constant spike in incidence of cancer in India.

Dr. Swaroop, Oncologist at AASRA Hospitals opines that while poor diagnosis has been a leading cause for the increase in cancer burden in the country, hesitancy towards undergoing timely cancer screening is leading many to suffer severe form of cancer and eventually deaths due to cancer.

Kalyan Sivasailam, Co-founder of 5C Network, said, “With the number of radiologists being at suboptimal levels, there is a greater need to find newer ways to make radiologists accessible in the country. Taking into account the challenges for quickly ramping up the number of radiologists in the country, teleradiology could help in increasing the early detection of cancers as it eases access for patients and hospitals.”


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