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DCGI asks state drug controllers to take steps to give exportable cough syrup testing a top priority

The Drug Controller General of India has asked the drug controller of the states to give top priority to testing the cough syrups meant for export to avoid any delay.

In his letter to the Drug Controllers of several states, including Gujarat, Kerala, MP, Maharashtra, J&K and Uttarakhand, the DCGI Dr Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi wrote, “In continuation of the above-referred notification and DO letter, the above-mentioned State Drug Controllers are hereby requested to give instructions to your state-owned NABL accredited laboratories to analyse the samples received from the manufacturers of cough syrups for export purpose on top priority and issue test report at the earliest.”

In his letter, the DGCI also asked all central laboratories to expedite the analysis and issue test certificates for cough syrup samples meant for exports to avoid any delay.

It may be recalled that following reports of the death of 70 children in Gambia allegedly linked to a cough syrup from India, the Union Government has issued a directive making testing of all cough syrups manufactured in the country mandatory before exports.

As a result, a government notification issued on May 22, 2023, mandated that before cough syrup may be exported, it must have a certificate of analysis issued by a government laboratory.

Given these occurrences, the government's action is considered as an attempt to restore confidence among importers.

According to the available data, the country, also known as the pharmacy of the world, had exported cough syrups worth $17.6 billion in the 2022-23 financial year.

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