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MedLern launches webinar series in Healthcare

MedLearn, a hospital and healthcare professional digital learning system committed to improving patient outcomes by developing healthcare organisations'  human resources, has launched a series of leadership webinars for healthcare professionals to boost the quality and standards of healthcare and hospital leadership, as well as patient experience and outcomes.

In a media statement, Medlern stated that under the series, India’s leading digital learning solutions provider for hospitals and healthcare professionals has sought to cover a range of topics in healthcare and hospital administration, management, service, and operational excellence in the country.

The company further added that with some of the most distinguished industry leaders and experts participating in this series and delivering outstanding presentations for a rapt online audience, the live webinar sessions have been a roaring success, attended by thousands of healthcare professionals across the country.

Mr Deepak Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, MedLern, said, "We want to create a powerful and independent platform for healthcare thought leaders, and MedLern’s unique reach of 400 plus hospitals and one lakh healthcare sector employees provides just that. The series serves to not just educate but also stimulate new conversations on the opportunities and challenges facing healthcare leaders, with globalisation, digital transformation, and innovation emerging as key themes to profit from. India’s healthcare talent is unique, and so is the market opportunity. We hope the fresh perspectives will kindle new initiatives for growth," said

"MedLern is emerging as more than a learning, training, and skilling platform for healthcare. It is a catalyst for sparking new thought and giving a voice to emerging healthcare leaders in all things relating to talent strategy in healthcare and the excellence in patient care, nursing, compliance, and service quality that thrives when we adopt a systematic and structured approach to talent," added Mr Sharma.

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