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Dr Kalpana Nagpal

There are a lot of barriers on path of success for women medical practitioner: Dr Kalpana Nagpal

Dr Kalpana Nagpal, Senior Consultant, ENT and Robotic surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals has said that in the current times, there are a lot of barriers on the path of success for women medical practitioners.

Speaking at the Women's Association of Otolaryngologists (WAOI), Dr Nagpal, President, WAOI, said that empowering women in surgery is not just a mission, but a commitment.

“We strive to illuminate the truth that women surgeons are not only equal to their male counterparts but often excel even further. Our mission spans community service through active healthcare involvement and public education, uplifting our women colleagues who are a minority in our profession, and fostering emotional well-being for all. We embrace innovation and research, encourage the next generation to explore and achieve, and offer unwavering support in the face of challenges,” she added.

The conference focused on eradicating gender stereotypes, boosting emotional well-being, expanding technology and research, prompting awareness and importance of adequate training of women medical practitioner, encouraging and counselling young medical students to pursue Otolaryngology as a speciality.  

The conference aimed to empower and represent women otolaryngologists in India, ensuring their voices and contributions are recognized and respected within the field. It aimed to facilitate professional development through workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs, including initiatives connecting experienced otolaryngologists with early-career professionals.

Additionally, it also aimed to foster a supportive network for members, encouraging collaboration with other medical associations. 

Engaging in community outreach programs, like health camps and awareness campaigns, promotes ear, nose, and throat health among women and underserved communities.






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