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AIIMS announces a quality-cost-selection method for the engagement of procurement support agencies.

In a bid to improve the procurement of critical items, AIIMS Delhi is implementing measures to enhance how critical items are purchased. Announcing that they have opted to select a procurement support agency (PSA) using a process known as Quality-Cum-Cost-Based Selection (QCBS), the institution authorities said that this strategy takes into account both the quality and the cost of the services in order to make the procurement process more efficient and speedier.

This means they want to make sure the things they buy are of high quality, and they also want to receive a decent value. By doing so, they hope to streamline and accelerate their procurement process, which will benefit both the institute and the individuals it serves.

This initiative comes in response to the recommendations of a committee formed on March 31, 2023, which was tasked with examining the benefits and modalities of engaging a public sector undertaking (PSU) as a PSA.

Dr. (Prof.) M. Srinivas, Director of AIIMS, led a committee that suggested involving a PSU as a PSA to speed up the procurement process. To ensure transparency and select a highly experienced agency for medical equipment procurement, AIIMS New Delhi has opted for the QCBS method as per Rule 192 of the General Financial Rules (GFR) 2017.

The scope of work for the selected PSA will encompass various critical areas, including assistance in procurement, centralised asset management, and maintenance tracking of all medical equipment. Furthermore, the PSA will deploy a comprehensive IT solution for the management of procurement, inventory, asset management, and maintenance tracking.


As an additional recommendation by the committee, PSUs may also participate as a consortium, either amongst themselves or with a trusted IT partner, to ensure comprehensive coverage of all responsibilities. For all aspects other than the IT solution, the selected PSA is expected to possess in-house expertise and competence of the highest calibre.

Dr. Rima Dada said, “This decision marks a significant step forward in the procurement process at AIIMS New Delhi, enhancing transparency and efficiency and ultimately improving healthcare services. We look forward to welcoming proposals from interested PSUs and consortia and are excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on our institution's mission.”

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