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Study Shows Good Sleep Linked to Feeling Years Younger

A recent study suggests that the quality of sleep you get can significantly impact how old you feel, with a good night's sleep making you feel years younger and poor sleep leaving you feeling older than your actual age.

Researchers from Stockholm University's Department of Psychology found that individuals who reported feeling extremely sharp upon waking felt, on average, four years younger than their chronological age. Conversely, those experiencing extreme sleepiness reported feeling six years older than their actual age, indicating a striking 10-year difference in perceived age based on sleep quality.

The study, involving 429 participants aged 18 to 70, examined the correlation between sleep patterns and subjective perceptions of age. Results revealed that insufficient sleep, with each night of poor sleep equating to approximately three months of aging, was associated with feeling older.

Building upon these findings, researchers conducted an experiment involving 186 participants aged 18 to 46. Participants were asked to limit their sleep to four hours per night for two nights and, at another time, to sleep for nine hours per night for two nights.

After experiencing nights of restricted sleep, participants reported feeling, on average, 4.4 years older compared to when they received sufficient sleep.

The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences, underscores the importance of adequate sleep in preserving a youthful sense of age. Lead researcher Leonie Balter emphasized the crucial role of sleep in maintaining overall well-being and brain function, suggesting that prioritizing sleep may promote a more active lifestyle and encourage health-promoting behaviors.

In conclusion, safeguarding quality sleep may contribute to maintaining a youthful feeling, motivating individuals to engage in activities that support overall health and well-being.

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