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Rare 13KgTumour after removal

Exclusive: Kolkata Doctors Remove Colossal 13-Kg Rare Abdominal Tumour

In a medical milestone, Dr. Sanjoy Mandal and his team managed to successfully remove a colossal abdominal tumour weighing 13 kilogrammes from a 37-year-old patient at Devine Nursing Home in Kolkata.

Initially mistaking the swelling for weight gain, the patient sought medical assistance upon realising the swelling persisted. Despite the initial misconception, the patient's proactive approach led to timely intervention, ultimately resulting in the successful removal of the massive abdominal tumour by Dr. Sanjoy Mandal and his team.

After thorough examinations, doctors diagnosed a massive retroperitoneal tumour with cancerous changes. The tumour's size was immense, pushing the left kidney towards the right side, and causing them to sit close together.

The surgery, lasting five hours, involved intricate multi-organ resection to delicately extract the tumour. Measuring a staggering 50 cm x 37 cm x 25 cm, the tumour posed significant challenges due to its involvement with major vessels and close adherence to the left kidney and ureter.

The successful removal of the tumour signifies a remarkable achievement, showcasing the skill and dedication of the surgical team at AMRI Mukundapur.

Speaking to Drug Today Medical Times, Dr Mandal said that the patient was suffering from retroperitoneal liposarcoma, which is a rare cancer developing in the retroperitoneum, the area behind the abdominal cavity. Originating from fat cells in this space, it may manifest with symptoms like abdominal swelling, pain, back discomfort, and weight loss. Often, the tumour grows silently until reaching a considerable size.

"Due to its location and size, removing retroperitoneal liposarcoma poses unique challenges, requiring meticulous surgical planning. Early detection, expert intervention, and advanced surgical techniques are crucial in managing such cases effectively," he added.

The success of this surgery not only brings hope to similar patients but also emphasizes the importance of specialized medical centres with advanced resources and skilled professionals in addressing complex medical conditions.

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