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Delhi: RML Hospital Implements Referral System for Super Specialty Treatment

Ram Manohar Lohiya (RML) Hospital has introduced a new policy requiring patients in need of specialized treatment to obtain a referral from either doctors within the hospital or senior resident doctors of other hospitals. Prof Ajay Shukla, the Director of RML Hospital, announced the decision via an office order, emphasising the importance of streamlining access to super specialty consultation and intervention.

The directive mandates that patients seeking super specialty services must first obtain a referral from a faculty member or senior resident doctor from a broad specialty department within RML Hospital or from another institution.

This measure aims to ensure appropriate patient evaluation and optimize the utilization of resources within the hospital.

Traditionally, patients have often sought super specialty treatment directly at government hospitals. However, doctors have observed that many patients may not actually require specialized care and could be managed effectively without it. This practice leads to overcrowding and delays in the hospital's outpatient departments (OPDs).

By implementing a referral system, RML Hospital aims to address these challenges and improve the efficiency of its specialized healthcare services. The new policy encourages appropriate triaging of patients, allowing for more timely and effective delivery of care to those who truly require super specialty interventions.

The move underscores RML Hospital's commitment to enhancing patient care and optimizing resource utilization, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients in need of specialized medical treatment.

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