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Dr. Samir K Kalra

CNS TB: Rising Challenge in Healthcare and the Quest for Solutions

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a significant healthcare challenge for governments worldwide, with extrapulmonary TB, such as TB of the Central Nervous System (CNS), posing an increasing concern.

The main challenge in CNS TB lies in its detection, as early diagnosis leads to better outcomes. However, advancements in techniques like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have improved detection rates.

Recently, Drug Today Medical Times Correspondent Rohit Shishodia interviewed Dr. Samir K Kalra, Consultant Spine and Neurosurgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, during the CNS Tuberculosis: Challenges and Solutions CME held in Delhi.

DTMT: Can you provide insights into CNS TB?

Dr. Kalra: CNS TB pertains to tuberculosis affecting the central nervous system. While its prevalence is rising in the country, awareness and detection have also improved. The conference highlighted the severity of the issue and emphasised the need for better diagnostic approaches. Discussions revolved around potential solutions, with participation from delegates both nationally and internationally.

DTMT: How can CNS TB be addressed effectively?

Dr. Kalra: Early detection is paramount. Treatment becomes more manageable when detected early, as CNS TB progresses through stages, with earlier stages offering better chances of recovery.

DTMT: What are the current diagnostic methods?

Dr. Kalra: Diagnosis primarily relies on MRI and CT scans, along with clinical features of the patients.

DTMT: What is the burden of CNS TB?

Dr. Kalra: CNS TB accounts for approximately one percent of total TB cases.

DTMT: How is it treated?

Dr. Kalra: Treatment involves TB medication, and in cases where the brain is affected, surgical intervention may be necessary to drain accumulated fluids.

DTMT: Is there a risk for lung TB patients to develop CNS TB?

Dr. Kalra: Yes, lung TB patients are at risk as the infection can spread from the lungs to the brain.

DTMT: How challenging is it to eliminate TB by 2025?

Dr. Kalra: Eliminating TB by 2025 is indeed challenging, but with collective efforts, it is achievable.

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