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Dr Krutikesh Age

Clinical Trials: Navigating the Future of Medical Research

India is swiftly navigating the landscape of clinical trials, propelled by a combination of seasoned expertise, unwavering commitment to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), meticulous data management, and cutting-edge technology integration, says Dr. Krutikesh Age, Co-founder of DPHS Pvt. Ltd, pointing out that India's clinical development endeavours are marked by extensive trial experience spanning over 40 Phase I-III trials, particularly excelling in oncology and rare disease domains.

In a candid interview with Drug Today Medical Times (DTMT), Dr Age discusses a range of issues including the strength of his company in delivering world-class outcomes.

DTMT: Let's delve into the history of clinical research in India. How would you describe the evolution of clinical trials in the country?

Dr. Krutikesh Age: India has witnessed a significant evolution in clinical research over the years. Initially, clinical trials were primarily conducted by multinational pharmaceutical companies seeking to leverage India's large patient population and diverse genetic pool. However, as regulations and guidelines became more stringent, domestic research organisations like DPHS Pvt. Ltd. emerged, offering expertise in various therapeutic areas.

DTMT: Your extensive trial experience is impressive. Could you elaborate on your approach to clinical development?

Dr. Krutikesh Age: Certainly. Our approach revolves around three key pillars: extensive trial experience, unwavering GCP compliance, and meticulous data management. With over 40 Phase I-III trials completed, particularly in oncology and rare diseases, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each study. Moreover, our adherence to GCP guidelines ensures the safety and well-being of participants while maintaining the integrity of research data.

DTMT:  How do your site management professionals contribute to the success of clinical trials?

Dr. Krutikesh Age: Our Site Management Professionals (SMP) play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth conduct of clinical trials. They provide dedicated expertise, collaborating closely with investigators to optimise site operations and address any challenges promptly. Continuous improvement is also a cornerstone of our approach, with SMP actively gathering feedback to refine processes and enhance trial efficiency.

DTMT: Data management is pivotal in clinical research. How does your team ensure the accuracy and integrity of clinical trial data?

Dr. Krutikesh Age: Data accuracy is paramount in clinical trials, and we employ rigorous processes and the latest technology to maintain authenticity and completeness. Our team is proficient in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, ensuring meticulous data entry and management within sponsor platforms. Additionally, our focus on GCP guarantees rigorous data review processes, safeguarding the integrity of research outcomes.

DTMT: Your integration of innovation and technology, particularly AI-powered solutions, is intriguing. How do you envision these advancements shaping the future of clinical trials?

Dr. Krutikesh Age: Our AI-powered innovations are poised to revolutionise clinical trials in several ways. From more efficient patient matching to automated site operations tasks and proactive adverse event detection, these technologies promise to streamline processes, improve data quality, and expedite drug development. By staying ahead of the curve and constantly exploring emerging technologies, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and drive impactful advancements in patient care.

DTMT: Thank you for providing insights into DPHS Pvt. Ltd.'s approach to clinical research. Your dedication to excellence and commitment to innovation are truly commendable.

Dr. Krutikesh Age: It was my pleasure. We are passionate about advancing clinical research and making meaningful contributions to patient health outcomes. Thank you for the opportunity to share our story.

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