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HDFC Bank Parivartan Celebrates International Nurses Day by Empowering Women in Healthcare

On International Nurses Day, HDFC Bank Parivartan takes pride in sharing the inspiring stories of transformation shaping the next generation of India's healthcare workforce. Despite India's healthcare sector growing at an impressive rate of around 22% CAGR, it continues to grapple with shortages of trained medical professionals, particularly nurses. According to estimates by the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) in the US, India faces a staggering shortage of 2 million nurses, ranking 75 out of 133 countries in nurse density. Jharkhand, in particular, faces a significant deficit in nursing professionals compared to other states.

As part of its commitment to market-linked skill training programs, HDFC Bank Parivartan has collaborated with PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation to support three Nursing Kaushal Colleges in Jharkhand. These colleges, employing an autonomous ITI/ANM Nursing Model, are tailored to serve marginalized youth, including those from SC, ST, OBC, and remote districts across the state. Focused on skill development and employability, this initiative has enrolled 1552 women, embarking on a journey towards self-reliance and empowerment.

Notably, an impressive 99.9% of these beneficiaries have not only passed but excelled in their state exams, securing distinction with multiple state rank positions across years—a testament to their dedication and the project's efficacy. Moreover, 94% of students who passed their 2nd-year state exams received placement offers, with a median salary of Rs 19,285 per month.

This skilling program has emerged as a catalyst for change in the region, offering comprehensive support to ensure the success of its graduates. One such beneficiary, Varsha Kumari from Chanho, Jharkhand, exemplifies the success of this program. Varsha, hailing from the backward village of Jaldega, recalls her mother being the sole earner, relying on 10 acres of farming land.

Despite the challenges, Varsha's determination led her to secure Rank 1 in the State Nursing Exam and employment with Apollo Homecare, Kolkata. After two years at Apollo Homecare, she returned closer to home to work with The Hans Foundation in Ranchi as a community nurse. Reflecting on her journey, Varsha shares, "The program has been a life-changing event for me. Now, I am able to provide timely financial support to my family. Nursing is a noble profession, and I am determined to excel in it."

This initiative aligns with HDFC Bank's CSR goal of imparting skill development and livelihood generation opportunities to 10,000 women in Nursing by 2025. Ms. Nusrat Pathan, Head CSR, HDFC Bank, emphasizes, "Demand-led skilling is imperative if India has to capitalize on its demographic dividend. Through vocational degrees and placement programs, we are addressing the critical need for skilled nursing professionals in Jharkhand, nurturing a generation of change-makers."

To ensure the success of the Nursing Kaushal College project, HDFC Bank Parivartan, along with its project partners, has provided comprehensive support, including infrastructure development, modern training facilities, industry-relevant curriculum, faculty training, and industry partnerships for internships and placements.

Mr. T Kalyan Chakravarthy, Executive Director, PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation, highlights the transformative impact of the Nursing Kaushal College program. He shares the story of Alma Xalxo, whose family's annual income was just Rs. 36,000. After completing the training program, Alma secured a job at Apollo Homecare with an annual income of Rs. 1,88,724, showcasing the program's transformative impact on livelihoods.

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