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Daiichi Sankyo Announces New Appointees to its Board

In a recent announcement, Japanese pharmaceutical giant Daiichi Sankyo unveiled changes to its Board of Directors.

In a statement, the company announced that the alterations were set to take effect on June 17, 2024, following confirmation at the company's 19th Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting, followed by formal resolutions at the subsequent board gathering.

The adjustments include a blend of continuity and fresh perspectives, aiming to fortify the company's leadership framework. 

Among the notable changes is the election of Mr. Takashi Matsumoto as a new Director and Executive Officer, who will take the helm as Head of Global Human Resources, assuming the crucial role of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Daiichi said that Mr Matsumoto's appointment underscores its commitment to nurturing a robust organisational culture and fostering talent development initiatives on a global scale. 

Mr. Matsumoto's extensive experience in human resources management is poised to steer the company's workforce strategies towards greater efficiency and innovation, the statement added.

Furthermore, the company announced the reappointment of existing directors, including prominent members such as Mr Sunao Manabe, Mr Hiroyuki Okuzawa, and Mr Shoji Hirashima, indicating continuity in leadership and ensuring stability and coherence in its strategic endeavours.

In addition to internal appointments, the company also welcomed Mr. Yo Honma as a new outside director, enriching the board with his distinguished background as President and Chief Executive Officer of NTT DATA Group Corporation. 

Mr. Honma's expertise in technology and corporate governance is poised to enrich the Board's deliberations, fostering a holistic approach to decision-making, the statement further added.

Mr. Masahiko will continue to serve Daiichi as a corporate adviser, the company said.

The company said that it has filed the candidatures of Mr Kazuaki Kama, Ms Sawako Nohara, Mr Yasuhiro Komatsu, Mr Takaaki Nishii, and Mr Yo Honma as independent directors with the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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