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PM Modi is taking self with people doing Yoga

Yoga is as important, applicable, and powerful for the self as it is for society: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed citizens at Dal Lake in Srinagar today in celebration of International Yoga Day. Despite rainy weather and lower temperatures, the event saw an enthusiastic turnout, reflecting the deep commitment of the people of Jammu & Kashmir to yoga.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi remarked on the lasting impact of the community’s enthusiasm and dedication. He noted that the adverse weather conditions, which led to a delay and fragmentation of the program into several parts, did not dampen the spirits of the participants. Modi emphasized the significance of integrating yoga into daily life, making it an instinctive practice for both individuals and society, and highlighted that yoga's benefits are best realized when it becomes a simple, regular part of life.

Modi discussed meditation, an integral aspect of yoga, acknowledging that its spiritual connotations might be intimidating for some. He explained that meditation could be understood as concentration and focus, skills that can be developed through practice and techniques. This focused state of mind, he said, yields great results with minimal fatigue and helps avoid distractions, making it a tool for self-improvement and training beyond its spiritual benefits.

“Yoga is as important, applicable, and powerful for the self as it is for society,” the Prime Minister emphasized, adding that when society benefits from yoga, so does humanity as a whole. He mentioned a recent competition in Egypt where participants created yoga-themed videos and photos at iconic tourism sites, praising such efforts. Modi suggested that yoga and tourism could similarly become significant sources of employment in Jammu & Kashmir.

Concluding his address, Prime Minister Modi praised the resilience and commitment of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, who braved harsh weather conditions to support the International Yoga Day 2024 event in Srinagar. 


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