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It is well absorbed from the gut, even after food and is excreted in the bile, in the faeces, which it re-enters by diffusing across the small intestinal wall, and, to some extent,in the urine.


Respiratory, genito-urinary, dental, ophthalmic, ENT and gynaecological infections. Venereal diseases.


1st day 100 mg 12 hrly followed by 100 mg daily.



Special Precautions

Impaired hepatic function, blood dyscrasias. Regular blood counts on long term therapy, Antacids, mineral supplements. Paediatrics: Not recommended under 8 years. In older children reduced dose necessary. Pregnancy: Doxycycline Contraindicated, may discolour teeth of the foetus. Lactation: Contraindicated. Elderly: No known problem.

Side Effects

Tooth discolouration, enamel hypo-plasia, reduced fibula growth rate.Avoid use in children below 8 yrs,unless no alternative drug.

Drug Interactions

Antacids, milk, calcium, magnesium and iron reduce absorption.

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