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Patients who are on selegiline do not develop rise in BP when they consume tyramine or take levodopa. However, it potentiates levodopa effect by retarding intracerebral metabolism of Dopamine. Given orally it can reduce the dose of levodopa needed to control parkinsonism and decreases the‘wearing off’ effect. It is benefical as adjuvant to levodopa, however, advanced cases with ‘on off’ effect are not improved.


Parkinsonism, adjuvant to levodopa.


10 mg daily in divided doses at breakfast and lunch or a single dose. Children not recommended.


Patients with convulsive disorders.

Special Precautions

concurrent admin. of MAOIs. Paediatrics: Not recommended. Pregnancy: Safety not established completely. Lactation: Use wtih caution and only if clearly indicated. Elderly: Dose should be reduced.

Side Effects

Involuntary movements. Postural hypotension, nausea, confusion, psychosis.

Drug Interactions

Potentiate tyramine pressor response.Amantadine & centrally acting cholinergics increase anti-Parkinsonian action of levodpa & adjuvant selegiline.

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