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Cancer care should be covered under health insurance: Oncologists

Cancer care should be covered under health insurance as most patients cannot access treatment services in private hospitals due to which they have to rush to the public hospitals, which are already overburdened, say oncologists from Noida's Jaypee Hospital on occasion of World Cancer Day.

While speaking to Drug Today Medical Times, Dr. Sudarsan De, Director, Department of Radiation Oncology, Jaypee Hospital, Noida (UP), said that providing insurance to those suffering from cancers is much needed.

“In India, most of the diseases are covered under health insurance but cancer is not covered. Government is trying its best. Insurance facilities should touch at least 90% of the population. I appeal to the media to spread this issue so that the government can have a serious look at it,” Dr De added.  

“The mere mention of the word 'cancer' sends a shiver down the spine. The mental states of cancer patients and caregivers in such a situation are beyond description. We want people to be aware that most cancers can be cured and many can be controlled, particularly if they are identified and dealt with as soon as possible. By detecting cancer at its earliest stage, we get the greatest opportunity to prevent millions of untimely deaths worldwide,” Dr De explained.

Dr. Malay Nandy, Director, Department of Medical Oncology, Jaypee Hospital said, “Cancer thrives on late presentation of the disease. The delay makes it possible for the cancer to spread and cause harm. To win the fight against cancer, we must ensure that services for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as palliative care, are integrated into benefit packages as part of efforts to attain universal health coverage.”

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