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Baby Divyanshi

Courageous act: Kin donates 2-year-old brain dead’s organs

In an inspiring display of compassion and selflessness, the family members of two-year-old baby girl, who was declared brain dead at Delhi-AIIMS, has donated her organ to save the lives of who remain in critical condition in hospitals. 

While playing at her house, Divyanshi, a resident of Tigri, Delhi, fell from the third storey. After being hurt in the fall, her relatives brought her to a neighboring hospital, whereupon they referred her to Delhi's AIIMS. The baby was declared brain dead upon arrival. 

Losing the angle was a major setback for her parents and grandparents who cried after hearing her brain dead status. But the organ donation coordinators and ORBO team counselled the family and urged them to donate her organs. 

“Out of the two siblings, she was the older. For her family, she was a lifeline. In an interview with Drug Today Medical Times, the baby's father, Mr. Raj Thapa, said, "I cannot explain what void has left for us; it cannot be compensated." 

"I want to convey to society the importance of raising awareness about organ donation and how many lives it can save. My daughter departed for heaven today. Let's say she was still alive and in the hospital, in critical condition, requiring organs to survive. I was forced to wait for Organ in this scenario. There ought to be no waiting. The baby's father, Mr. Raj Thapa, stated that organ donation needs to be made more widely known. 

The NOTTO allocated her heart to MGM Healthcare in Chennai, while her kidneys were allocated to AIIMS. Additionally, her corneas were banked at the Eye Bank, AIIMS.

The seamless coordination of counselling, brain death certification, and donor organ management was executed precisely by the dedicated team of treating physicians, transplant coordinators & counsellors, neurosurgeons, anaesthetists, the transplant team, administrators, forensic and police departments.

Dr Aarti Vij, Prof. In-charge at ORBO, AIIMS, deeply appreciated the family's selfless decision to donate organs in the midst of grief. The recent multi-donor organ donation marked the third

such instance coordinated by ORBO in the last 72 hours. 

The Organ Retrieval Banking Organization (ORBO) along with the Delhi Traffic Police Department coordinated a green corridor, ensuring the swift transport of Divyanshi's heart from AIIMS Trauma Centre to IGI Airport, Delhi. 

This act of organ donation stands as a testament to the incredible

potential for compassion and generosity in the face of tragedy.

The coordination between the medical teams, ORBO, NOTTO, and various hospitals involved showcases the collective dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those awaiting organ transplants. 

“The medical fraternity extends its deepest gratitude to the families for their courageous decisions and their actions stand a testament to the enduring sprit of humanity,” Dr Vij said. 

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