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Ayurvedic and Natural Healing: Revolutionizing Healthcare

During a recent press conference at HIIMS Navi Mumbai, Acharya Manish and Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury (BRC) unveiled groundbreaking insights into the efficacy of Ayurveda and natural healing in treating severe ailments like kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, and heart problems. Dr. BRC, the co-founder of HIIMS, introduced his latest study, 'Tailoring is the Healthiest Profession', through his new book 'Let Your 2nd Heart HELP', shedding light on the surprising health benefits associated with the profession of tailoring.

In his address, Dr. BRC emphasized the transformative potential of his findings, noting that tailors, despite their predominantly sedentary work, emerge as the healthiest group. The study delves into the correlation between occupation and health, underscoring the significance of tailoring as a healthy profession. Dr. BRC further highlighted the importance of the leg-pedal movement utilized by tailors, activating calf muscles often referred to as the "second heart."

Dr BRC's innovative contributions to healthcare were also recognized on an international stage, as he received the prestigious 'Innovation Award 2024' for his gravity and heat-based invention, the GRAD system, designed to reverse Chronic Kidney Diseases. The award ceremony, held at the International Ambassador Meet for African Countries in New Delhi, witnessed the participation of ambassadors from 25 African nations.

Acharya Manish, the founder of HIIMS Ayurveda, echoed Dr. BRC's sentiments, advocating for lifestyle changes and ancient healing techniques to combat life-threatening diseases. He emphasized HIIMS' commitment to reversing kidney, cancer, liver, sugar, BP, and heart diseases by enhancing the body's internal strength.

Acharya Manish underscored HIIMS' success in treating critical patients, including those suffering from kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, heart disease, and thalassemia. He highlighted HIIMS' comprehensive approach, combining traditional healing methods with modern science to achieve remarkable results within a few months.

Dr. BRC's contributions extend beyond Ayurveda, as he pioneered the Mathematical Model of Nutrition, known as the DIP diet, proven effective in managing various ailments like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bone diseases, and chronic kidney diseases. His Gravity-based GRAD system has revolutionized dialysis treatment, offering patients an alternative to conventional methods.

At HIIMS, patients receive specialized care, including dietary interventions featuring millet and herbs, postural therapy, and access to free treatment through the SBI Cashless AAROGYA Sanjeevani Policy. With over 100 Shuddhi Clinics nationwide and centres in major cities like Mumbai, Thane, Goa, and Chandigarh, HIIMS continues to redefine healthcare by merging ancient wisdom with modern innovation.

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