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American Oncology Institute Launches #TheExtraordinaryCareGiver Campaign on International Nurses Day

American Oncology Institute (AOI), a leading multi-disciplinary oncology network in South Asia, has launched its International Nurses Day Campaign #TheExtraordinaryCareGiver in conjunction with Oncology Nursing Month. This campaign shines a spotlight on patient-centric oncology care, highlighting the exceptional contributions of oncology nurses in understanding and addressing the unique needs of cancer patients.

#TheExtraordinaryCareGiver campaign underscores the dedication of oncology nurses in alleviating the emotional and physical burdens faced by cancer patients while instilling positivity in them and their families. It emphasizes the pivotal role of nurses in redefining cancer care by providing compassionate support tailored to each patient's individual needs.

As part of the campaign, AOI released a digital film titled #TheExtraordinaryCareGiver, which delves into the relationship-based, patient-centric approach adopted by oncology nurses. The film portrays how nurses employ coping mechanisms to navigate challenging moments of separation and loss, enabling them to continue delivering compassionate care to other patients.

In addition to the digital film, AOI organized a series of above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) activities across its 16 units in India. These initiatives align with the central campaign ideas of #AOICancercare and #Wejourneywithyou, reaffirming AOI's commitment to supporting patients every step of their cancer journey.

Saino Thomas, Group Chief Nursing Officer, CTSI, South Asia, emphasized the crucial role of oncology nurses in providing mental and emotional support to cancer patients and their families. She highlighted the deep connections forged between nurses and patients from the first day of treatment, aiming to inspire others to join in making a positive difference in the lives of cancer patients.

Recent statistics underscore the significant impact of oncology nursing, with oncology nurses caring for approximately 1.7 million new cancer patients each year in the United States alone. A survey by the American Cancer Society revealed that 95% of cancer patients value the emotional support provided by oncology nurses throughout their treatment journey. Additionally, data from the World Health Organization highlights cancer as the second leading cause of death globally, emphasizing the critical role of oncology nurses in supporting patients through their cancer experience.

Despite the challenges, oncology nurses play a pivotal role in helping patients navigate their fears and anxieties, fostering a strong bond as they journey through multiple treatment sessions together. Through initiatives like #TheExtraordinaryCareGiver campaign, AOI aims to amplify stories of triumph over adversity, demonstrating its commitment to fighting against cancer beyond clinical excellence and technological advancements.

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