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15-Day Paxlovid Course Safe but Ineffective for Prolonged COVID: Stanford Trial

Stanford Medicine researchers recently discovered that the antiviral drug Paxlovid is harmless for a period of 15 days, but it does not alleviate long-term COVID symptoms. The trial, which Pfizer sponsored, investigated whether the standard five-day Paxlovid treatment could be extended to assist individuals with prolonged COVID-19.

Long-term COVID is a condition in which the symptoms of COVID-19 persist for months following the initial infection. The trial demonstrated that a prolonged course of Paxlovid is safe; however, it does not alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, mental fog, or shortness of breath. 

The study comprised 155 participants who had contracted COVID-19 more than 16 months prior and were still experiencing substantial symptoms. Paxlovid was administered to half of the participants for a period of 15 days, while the other half received a placebo. The symptom improvement between the two groups did not exhibit any significant difference, as indicated by the results. 

Dr. Linda Geng, one of the primary researchers, emphasised that Paxlovid is safe for use for a longer period than the current five-day regimen for acute COVID-19, despite the fact that it does not reduce long-term COVID symptoms. 

The company that developed and manufactures Paxlovid, Pfizer, provided funding for the trial. Despite the trial's results, researchers are still investigating alternative potential remedies for long-term COVID in order to identify effective solutions for those afflicted with this condition. 

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