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Anupriya Patel and Jadhav Prataprao Ganpatrao

Anupriya Patel and Jadhav Prataprao Ganpatrao Appointed as Ministers of State for Health

The Modi government has appointed Anupriya Patel and Jadhav Prataprao Ganpatrao as Ministers of State (MoS) for Health, reinforcing its coalition strategy by including representatives from its allied parties in key positions.

Anupriya Patel, who is allied with the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, will take on the role of MoS for Health. Patel is not new to this portfolio, having previously served in the same capacity during the first Modi government. Her reappointment highlights the continued trust in her capabilities and experience in managing health-related matters.

Joining her as MoS for Health is Jadhav Prataprao Ganpatrao from the Shiv Sena, an ally of the BJP in Maharashtra. This marks a significant inclusion, as it showcases the collaborative approach of the Modi government in working with its coalition partners to strengthen the health ministry.

Both Patel and Ganpatrao replace Pro SP Singh Baghel and Pravin Bharati Pawar, respectively. The new appointments are seen as a strategic move to bolster the health ministry's leadership with experienced and politically aligned individuals, ensuring cohesive efforts in addressing the nation’s health challenges.

The inclusion of allies in such pivotal roles underscores the Modi government's commitment to a unified approach in governance, particularly in crucial sectors like health, especially as the country continues to navigate the complexities of post-pandemic recovery and healthcare reform.

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